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Professional Experience #2

Professional Experience #2

Due at the end of Week 3 (not eligible for late policy unless an approved documented exception).

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Follow the link below to the Word document titled “Professional Experience #2”

Your Professional Experience assignment is to choose a frequently asked question that has not yet been answered from the document. Next, provide the best answer possible (within 20-50 words) and put your name in the “Employee” section.  Finally, submit your answer and  your chosen question in the Professional Experience #2 link from the Week 2 tab in Blackboard (do not submit the entire class document; only your section).

In order to receive credit for completing this task you must:

•   Choose an unanswered question (with an answer between 20-50 words; any source information does not count towards the word count)

•   Provide a viable, complete answer (if you use a source other than the textbook to answer the question, you must provide a link or other clear credit to the source)

•   Fill in the “Employee” section with your name

•   Submit ONLY YOUR FAQ AND ANSWER to the Week 3 Professional Experience #2 link in Blackboard (otherwise no credit will be awarded)

This is a pass/fail assignment.  All elements must be completed and on time (simulating the workplace where incomplete work is unacceptable) for credit.  You cannot receive partial credit.  


Link for Professional Experience #2




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