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PROJECT #6 – Photography

PROJECT #6 – Photography


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This assignment gives you the opportunity to express yourself through the medium of photography.


You are to take a series of five photographs each having specific subject matter.  In the lecture on photography you were introduced to many famous and groundbreaking photographers, such as Dorothea Lange, Mathew Brady, Jacob Riis, Lewis Hine, and Sally Mann.  Consider their work when you plan this project.  What made them stand out as photographers?  What made their work so expressive and meaningful?


Photograph #1:  Still Life

A still life is a collection of inanimate objects.  The classic still life is a bowl of fruit; however, your still life will be constructed of objects that represent you as a person.  The objects might be something you utilize on a daily basis, such as makeup and electronic devices, or they might be objects that have particular significance to you, such as your car keys and awards.


Please Note:  You may not take pictures of naturally occurring scenes, such as your desk, computer set-up, bookshelves, or displays in storefront windows.  This is a gathering of objects that you construct just for this photo.  You must use multiple objects (minimum of five) and explain why you chose them!  Each object must be different.  They cannot all be make-up or awards.  No photos of food!


Photograph #2:  SELF-Portrait

This is a photo of YOU taken by YOU!!!  How do you choose to represent yourself?  There are many ways to go about taking this picture.  You can take a regular “selfie” if you wish, but don’t discount that timer feature on your camera.  Are you going to be just like everyone else or are you going to stage an awesome scene like Cindy Sherman would?


Photograph #3:  Landscape

This picture shows an expanse of scenery.  This can be naturally occurring, such as a scene with trees, shrubs, and waterfalls, or a manmade one with buildings, cars, and streets.


Photograph #4:  Non-Objective

Take a photograph that concentrates on the formal elements that we learned about earlier in the semester:  line, shape, color, pattern, and texture.  These elements construct the world around us!  Consider parts of an object rather than the entire object.  When in doubt, zoom in!


Please Note:  The viewer should not be able to identify the object being photographed.  That would make it representational rather than non-objective!


Photograph #5:  Personal Choice

Here you can photograph anything you wish.  This image can be of food, houses, street art, friends, children, parents, pets, cars, or something that holds meaning to you.


  • Photographs should all be the same size.
  • Photographs can be in either portrait or landscape orientation, but the entire portfolio must be in the same format.
  • Photographs can be either color or black & white, but again the entire portfolio must be in the same format. Color tends to work best.
  • Photographs must be printed on standard 8 ½” by 11” paper. Please do not use glossy photo paper.
  • Any camera, including cell phone cameras, can be used.
  • Avoid scrapbooking! This includes markers, ribbon, lace, and glitter.
  • Avoid Folders! Just one staple in the upper left hand corner is perfect.
  • You should have personally taken all of the photographs.
  • The photographs should be taken from today’s date forward!


Page Format:

There is going to be one photograph (along with its information) per page.  DO NOT run the information to a second page.

Please review the example.


Under each photo you must supply…typed


Title:  Give your photograph a title or caption

Category:  Still Life, Self-Portrait, Landscape, Non-Objective, or Personal Choice

Date Taken:  October 8, 2016 ß Correct/Incorrect when using year à October 8th, 2016

Camera Used:  iPhone 6

Description:  Briefly talk about the photo.  What is the viewer seeing?  Why did you choose this to be your subject matter?  This information should be 5-7 lines in length, double-spaced, use Times or Times New Roman font at 12 points, and set the margins to 1 inch.



Cover Sheet (Do not write “Cover Sheet” on the cover sheet!)

Your Name

Days and Time of Class

Project Number

Five pages in the order they are listed above (Remember, there is no stapler in the classroom)

Still Life




Personal Choice


Point Value:  50 points


Due Date:  Monday, April 10th.




Student Name


Project #6


Title: More Than Just A Name

Category: Still Life

Date Taken: October 28, 2016

Camera Used: iPhone 6

Description: Although I can use multiple items to describe who I am, I decided to use these items to really show the most important things to me. I chose the candle and the sunflower because I have a deep appreciation for nature and what she does for us. I included the CSUF pin from the orientation because this past year, I’ve grown to love my school. I also included my car key because although it was a graduation gift, I still have to work hard every month just to make my monthly payments. It is a reminder to me that I have to work hard for what I want. Lastly, I included a photo of my brother who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps. Because of him, I have come to terms with what I truly want as an individual.

Title: A Focus On What’s Behind

Category: Portrait

Date Taken: October 28, 2016

Camera Used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Description: This past weekend, I had the chance to visit San Francisco once again. I decided to use this as my self-portrait because it captures the beauty I found in San Francisco. I personally enjoy traveling and one of the locations I really enjoy traveling to is the Bay. Instead of taking a dramatic, black and white self-portrait, I decided to go simple. This photo not only captures me, but it also captures a great landmark that I’ve always been so fond of. I think that there’s always something more than what’s right in front of us, and I think this photo really portrays that idea.

Title: Beyond the Trees, Beyond the City

Category: Landscape

Date Taken: October 28, 2016

Camera Used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Description: As I was driving downhill from the Griffith Observatory, I came upon this scene and decided to stop to take this captivating photo. I’ve always enjoyed the views that landscapes have to offer. I decided to use this photo because I feel as if it’s displaying some sort of irony. I decided to focus on the landscape of Los Angeles while showing surrounding trees. I find true beauty in this photo because it shows how even the most populous cities still have mother nature around them.

Title: On the Brink of Summer

Category: Non-Objective

Date Taken: October 28, 2016

Camera Used: Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Description: This photo is of a straw, summer hat. I decided to focus on this particular item because I noticed how unique and different the patterns were. It’s really interesting how multiple patterns combined can create something so great. It has a very bright and calming look and feel, as well as it focused on the rough edges of the hat. After having a family picnic, this hat also reminded me of the upcoming season of summer. It really highlights the feeling of summer and the mood it can really bring.

Title: Let the Truth Be Told

Category: Personal Choice

Date Taken: October 28, 2016

Camera Used: iPhone 6

Description: During a hike, I actually noticed this sign and thought it was the coolest thing. I decided to use this as my personal choice because the photo itself has its own message. It’s such a simple signpost, but it just holds so much meaning to it. Fortunately enough, it is along a hike trail, so other hikers see it as well. It was in the most random part of the trail, but I think that’s what made it stand out too. It reminds us that we’ll always be a part of the land, and if we don’t take care of it, we basically aren’t taking of ourselves.


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