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Project Phase 1: Develop a profile of risk management and insurance needs for the client.

Project Phase 1: Develop a profile of risk management and insurance needs for the client. You
will be given a write-up of a hypothetical client’s profile, including information on the client’s
family situation, professional life, home ownership, car ownership, etc. In phase 1, your task will
be to identify all the risks that this hypothetical client faces, given her situation. The risk
assessment must be submitted by the day indicated in the schedule of classes at the end of this
syllabus. This part of the project should be no more than three pages in length using 1- line
spacing. It will constitute the first section of your final report, and should be titled “Risk
Assessment Summary.”
Project Phase 2: Develop a plan for the client recommending risk management strategies to deal
with the risks that she faces (as identified in phase 1). You should recommend both insurancebased
and non-insurance based strategies and actions to address the risks you have identified. For
insurance-based strategies, you must identify the specific kinds and amounts of insurance
coverage that are relevant for the client’s situation. Identify and justify specifically all coverages,
including optional ones, that you recommend to the client. All insurance recommendations must
be accompanied by a copy of an insurance quote illustrating the specific policy that you
recommend to your client. The quote must be commented, and augmented when necessary; this
exercise is NOT about printing a quote from the internet. Your recommendations shall fit in no
more than ten pages of text (not counting the insurance quotes), using 1- line spacing.
The final report should consist of the following items:
1. A title page (must include your name, the course number, and a concise title; the
formatting is up to you but must be professional)
2. Risk assessment summary (phase 1)
3. Recommendations for risk management strategies, organized by risk that each strategy
a. life-related risks
b. home-related risks
c. liability-related risks
d. auto-related risks
e. health-related risks
f. any other risk
4. Insurance quotes as appendices (your report, particularly point 3 above, will refer to these
quotes in the appendix).
You need to write phase2

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