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PSY 335 Psychological Testing Short Paper

PSY 335 Psychological Testing Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric
Psychologists tests are designed to aid psychologists in distinguishing behaviors. There are many types, and administering psychological tests comes with its own array of benefits, challenges, and ethical considerations. Understanding the complexity of psychological testing, along with the multitude of testing options available, will provide you with a foundational background for this aspect of psychology.
Prompt: After reading, The Mismeasure of Man, and the APA Ethical Principles of Psychologists Standard 9: Assessment, consider how psychological tests differ and all the practical and ethical factors associated with them.
In your short paper, the following critical elements must be addressed:
ï‚· How do psychological tests differ; what are the different types?
ï‚· How are they used, in what settings are they used, and by whom are they used?
ï‚· What are limitations of tests? How might testing be misused?
ï‚· What are the legal and ethical issues related to testing?
Guidelines for Submission: Papers should follow these formatting guidelines: one to two pages in length, double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, one inch margins, and citations in APA format. Please use these links for resources and you are welcome to use other resources as well

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