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Reflecting back on my work placement experience essay

Reflecting back on my work placement experience

In Task Two you have the opportunity to look back over the whole period of work experience and to consider the effect and the personal value that it has enabled you to experience. This “reflection” provides you with the opportunity to consider how it influenced you as a person, on your new learning, development of skills, and how you worked with others individually and as a team member.So, looking back at the overall work placement, the three following topic areas you may want to include are as follows:

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Your Placement Organisation (LO2)

How things were organised, structured and run,

Areas of work that was very interesting, demanding and challenging for you,

The main challenges of the placement, and what those challenges were, and why,

Working with others (LO3)

What was your experience of working with other people?

What you learnt about working on your own and with other staff,

How you got on with managers and senior and junior staff,

Your own personal learning (LO4)

Your best experiences of the placement, and why,

How you developed as a person, what you learnt that was new and rewarding, and whether there were any surprising changes to your approaches to this kind of work.

And finally, your general reflections on the work placement as a whole and the role/s you played during this placement, and……..

Reflection on your learning overall.

Word count

2000 words


Table of content, Introduction, body, conclusion and bibliography



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