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Research is connected and personal and it is important

Module 2 DQ 2
Research is connected and personal
and it is important for learners to
recognize their subject position, in
order to critically evaluate data,
as well as communicate their subject
position within a research study to
Gradable Items Details Points Possible
minimize bias. Grand Canyon University
supports academic and spiritual growth
with the belief that the combination of
the two will make a positive impact on
scholarship and the individual.
How might worldview influence the
role as a scholar and researcher?
How can a worldview, Christian or
otherwise, enrich research through a
union of faith and academics? How might
one handle perspectives, topics, and
research that may challenge his or her
Module 2 DQ 1
Doctoral learners must become
information-literate individuals who
are able to locate, identify, evaluate,
and organize research. In Topic 8, you
are required to find five empirical
research studies from peer reviewed
journals on your dissertation research
interests. Discuss your process for
conducting a search. What resources
will you use to explore the literature
in your filed and how will you evaluate
the quality of the articles selected?
Participation 18.0
Topic 3: Scholarly Communication:
Process and Style
Duration: 7 days
1. Support the necessity of applying the writing process to scholarly
2. Assess the utility of a style guide in scholarly communication.
Topic Material:
1. Find Your Purpose: The Path to a Successful Doctoral Experience
Read the following sections of chapter 7: Introduction The Writing
Process Using a Style Guide Building Blocks of a Paper Read the
following sections of chapter 8: Introduction Proofreading and Editing
Turnitin and Plagiarism
6. GCU Learning Lounge
Explore the Learning Lounge website.
7. Synthesis Worksheet
Use this to complete the Synthesis Worksheet assignment.
Lecture Note

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