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A slave whispered this in Caesar’s ear as he rode through the streets of Rome in a triumphal victory procession. (2 Latin words, p.162)

A slave whispered this in Caesar’s ear as he rode through the streets of Rome in a triumphal victory procession. (2 Latin words, p.162)

Citizen-farmer chosen to lead Rome as dictator during a crisis in the early Republic who did the job and returned to farming. George Washington liked being compared to him. (p.149)
Name for the social class of the heads of the elite aristocratic families in Rome. (p.150)
As Rome grew through conquering its neighbors on the Italian Peninsula, it enfranchised the conquered peoples by extending equal privileges to them know as the _____________. (2 words, p.147)
Augustus lost 3 Roman legions (ca 15,000 men) in a massacre in this German forest. (p.166)
Early Rome’s neighbors in Northern Italy who gave Rome engineering and religious ideas. Women were treated with an extraordinary level of equality in this society. (p.146)
This battle ended a Roman civil war and made Julius Caesar the sole candidate for power in Rome (p.162). p.
The Romans crucified 6,000 of his men along the 150 miles from Rome to Capua in 71 BC. (p.160)
Brothers who served as tribunes of the people (ca 133-23 BC) and were both assassinated for their efforts toward land reform in the Roman Republic. (p.160)
Octavian and Antony defeated the forces led by Caesar’s assassins at this battle in 42 BC. (p.164)
The first famous Roman named “Brutus” raised a rebellion and ousted the last king of Rome when that king’s son allegedly raped this virtuous Roman woman. (p.148)
This was the basic (flexible) combat unit of the Roman legions. (p.148)
This emperor (ca 120 AD) halted the expansion of Rome and built a 74 mile long defensive wall across northern England. (p.167)
The last king of Rome, known as “The Arrogant.” (p.148)
Satirical Roman poet (ca 100 AD) who made famous the formula for keeping the common people of Rome under control saying: “Bread and Circuses.” (p.157)
Germanic warrior queen who led a revolt in Britain during the reign of Nero (ca 60 AD). (p.167)
When Julius Caesar crossed this boundary river in northern Italy (ca 49AD) with his troops, he was essentially defying the Senate and declaring civil war. (p.162)
Latin word meaning extreme devotion to one’s family living and dead ancestors. (p.152)
Famous Roman Republican orator who modified Stoic belief by adding the duty to take an active part in political life. (p.160)
Octavian defeated his sole rival Antony at this naval battle off Greece in 31 BC. (p.164)
He abolished the property requirement for serving in the Roman army. (p.161)
This emperor (ca 100 AD) expanded the Roman Empire across the Danube river into Dacia (modern Romania) creating unrest with the Parthian (late Persian) Empire. (p.166)
Famous Roman general who conquered the eastern provinces of Syria and Palestine and while in Rome (ca.50 BC) had the Senate make him sole consul (effectively a dictator) and declare Julius Caesar who was in Gaul (France) an enemy of the state. (p.161)
He got the Romans to change from the old lunar calendar to the new solar calendar (365 days/year) used by the Egyptians. (p.162)
The allies of Rome throughout Italy rebelled and as a result of this war (ca 91-88 BC) they received the rights of Roman citizenship. (p. 161)
Powerful Roman general that became dictator (ca 80 BC) as part of a conservative backlash that permanently weakened the power of the plebs (common citizens) and their representatives (tribunes) and gave more power to the aristocrats in the Senate of Rome. (p.161)
The first emperor, Augustus (Octavian) commissioned him to write an epic poem linking the founding of Rome with Homer’s stories of the Trojan War and its aftermath. (p.146)
The name for the common (non-aristocratic or nobly born) citizens of Rome. (p.150)
A second legend holds that Rome was founding by a pair of abandoned baby boys who were raised by a _________. (p.146)
Scipio defeated Hannibal in the 2nd Punic War at this famous battle. (p.155)

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