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Students will be prepare a research paper involving ethics or social responsibility.

Students will be prepare a research paper involving ethics or social responsibility. The paper will consist of a title page, five (5) pages of body, and a works cited page using APA format (preferred) or MLA format. The paper will be double spaced, 12 font, using New Times Roman. It should have a minimum of 1,200 words and should not exceed 1,500 words and be supported by a minimum of three (3) work cited sources. It should be completed in .doc, docx or .rtf format and submitted to the assignments folder by the due date.
The general format should be:
Title Page (1 page) � Subject topic, your name, course, professor and date.
Introduction (1 page) � Overall theme of the topic, backround and why is it important to discuss.
Body (3 pages) � Expand on the topic. What are the facts, differing views, or concerns.
Conclusion (1 page) � What do you think is the right thing to do and why.
Works Cited (1 page)

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