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Synthesis Worksheet Doctoral Identity

Synthesis Worksheet Doctoral Identity
Synthesis is the act of creating
something new from multiple existing
entities. Synthesis of research, then,
is creating a new idea from existing
ideas. This assignment is designed to
help you identify how themes can emerge
from reading literature and how you can
synthesize this information in a way
that creates new knowledge. You will
use your understandings of the Topic
2 readings to complete a synthesis
General Requirements:
This assignment will be used as a prewriting
activity for the synthesis
paper in Topic 5.
Locate and download “Synthesis
Worksheet” from the Course Materials
for this topic.
Review the articles by Baker &
Pifer (2011), Gardner (2009), and Smith
& Hatmaker (2014) located in the
Course Materials for this topic.
This assignment uses a rubric. Review
the rubric prior to beginning the
assignment to become familiar with the
expectations for successful completion.
Doctoral learners are required to
use APA style for their writing
assignments. Review the GCU APA Style
Guide for Writing located in the
Student Success Center.
Complete the Synthesis Worksheet for
the articles by Baker & Pifer
(2011), Gardner (2009), and Smith
& Hatmaker (2014). The completed
worksheet will include the following
An Introduction that introduces
and provides context for the topic,
Gradable Items Details Points Possible
presents three common themes that
emerged from the readings, and provides
organization for the paper with a
thesis statement.
A description of the evidence to
support three common themes that
emerged from the articles. Since
this is likely your first experience
with this depth of synthesis, we have
provided two of the themes found in
the articles. Your task is to identify
a third theme and to provide evidence
from each article for all three common
A conclusion where you will return
to your thesis and provide evidence
showing you successfully addressed
your thesis statement. Discuss the
connections that you made from the
evidence and how each theme emerged
from the central topic of doctoral
Module 3 DQ 1
The primary method professors use
to evaluate your ability to absorb
and synthesize content is for you to
write papers that demonstrate your
understanding of various research
topics, concepts, and frameworks.
Doctoral level writing is distinct from
other forms of communication you may
have encountered. This shift in process
and style helps learners to develop
a doctoral identity that will foster
productive relationships with faculty
and committee members and, ultimately,
contribute to a completed dissertation.
Discuss how writing process and style
help form a doctoral identity. What
specific strategies and resources
can you use to improve your academic

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