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The courts decision in Brown v. Board

The courts decision in Brown v. Board of Education had what effect on the decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson?

The courts decision in Brown v. Board of Education had what effect on the decision made in Plessy v. Ferguson? a. It showed that precedent can be overruled and is not binding in every situation. b. It applied the Doctrine of Stare Decisis. c. It showed that the Constitution is not subject to interpretation. d. It applied the principle of preemption. e. It followed precedent. 2) Someone who believes that law is a reflection of those in power, believes in which school of jurisprudential thought? a. The Analytical School. b. The Natural School. c. The Command School. d. The Historical School. e. The Psychological School. 3) Which of the following is a false statement regarding the citizenship and immigration policy of the United States? a. Immigration quotas are different for each foreign country. b. The first immigration quota policy was enacted in the 1920s. c. The immigration quota policy was repealed after World War II. d. There is an immigration quota policy in effect today in the United States. e. Immigration laws are administered and enforced by the United States Customs and Immigration Service. 4) The remedy, or relief, that was available in the law courts of England was: a. specific performance. b. monetary awards for damages. c. fines and imprisonment. d. returning the parties to their positions before the dispute arose. e. Any of the above, and any other remedy determined to be fair in the particular case. 5) Chancery Courts were also known as: a. Criminal Courts. b. Equity Courts. c. Legal Remedy Courts. d. Merchant Courts. e. Law Courts. 6) When statutes are organized by topic, the resulting compilation of law is known as: a. precedent. b. a code. c. civil law. d. topical presentation. e. common law. 7) Which of the following is not empowered to establish administrative agencies? a. A state executive branch. b. Congress. c. A federal or state judicial branch. d. A state legislative branch. e. The federal executive branch. 8) For which of the following in the U.S. Congress can the number to which a state is entitled change over time? a. All members of the U.S. Congress. b. Senators. c. Both Senators and representatives. d. Neither senators nor representatives. e. Representatives. 9) The power of the federal government to make treaties with Native American Nations regarding land and land use is derived from the: a. Privileges and Immunities Clause. b. Supremacy Clause. c. First Amendment. d. Commerce Clause. e. Equal Protection Clause. 10) If there is an area of interstate commerce that the federal government has chosen not to regulate, the states can: a. not regulate in that area because states cannot pass laws affecting interstate commerce. b. regulate in that area so long as the state law does not unduly burden interstate commerce. c. not regulate in that area because the federal government’s decision to not regulate in an area implies that there is to be no regulation in that area at any level. d. regulate without restriction in that area. e. regulate in that area so long as it first gets the requisite approval from Congress. 11) In relation to freedom of speech: a. commercial speech receives no protection due to its profit motive. b. all speech receives the same degree of Constitutional protection. c. commercial speech receives the same protection as any other speech or any person. d. it is not an absolute right. e. most speech critical of the government can be restricted because such speech can be destabilizing. 12) Substantive due process requires that: a. a defendant not be tried twice for the same crime. b. a notice and hearing be given before one is deprived of life, liberty or property. c. a crim

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