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Tourism Policy & Strategy/Aviation Policy essay

Tourism Policy & Strategy/Aviation Policy

These questions will reflect each of the three main parts of this module namely:

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• Policy formulation (Part 1)

• Policy & research information (Part 2)

• The study of mega-policy (Part 3)

The assessment will generate 60% of the total marks allocated to this module.

Assessment Questions

Answer any one of the following questions:

1. Despite the efforts of academics, relatively little is known as to how policy is made. Discuss.

2. Developments in research have afforded the strategist a comprehensive range of approaches and techniques designed to produce, prioritise monitor and evaluate policy. Discuss

3. Various attempts to produce mega-policy have invariably led to a series of strategies that have failed to increase the attractiveness or competitiveness of companies organisations or destinations at the pan-European level. Discuss

In answering these questions include examples from your respective industry (i.e. tourism or aviation).

How many words is your brief:


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