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Using Rhodes Corporation’s financial statements

Using Rhodes Corporation’s financial statements (shown below), answer the following questions.


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What is the net operating profit after taxes (NOPAT) for 2010?


What are the amounts of net operating working capital for both years?


What are the amounts of total net operating capital for both years?


What is the free cash flow for 2010?


What is the ROIC for 2010?


How much of the FCF did Rhodes use for each of the following purposes after-tax interest, net debt repayments, dividends, net stock repurchases, and net purchases of short-term investments? (Hint: remember that a net use can be negative.)

2010 2009
Sales $11,000 $10,000
Operating costs excluding


9,360 8,500
Decpreciation 380 360
Earnings before interest and taxes $1,260 $1,140
Less Interest 120 100
Earnings before taxes $1,140 $1,040
Taxes 40% 456 416
Net income available to common stockholders 684 624
Common dividends 220 220
2010 2009
Cash $550 $500
Short-term investments 110 100
Accounts receivable 2,750 2,500
Inventories 1,650 1,500
Total current assets $5,060 $4,600
Net Plant & Equipment 3,850 3,500
Total Assets $8,910 $8,100

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