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You will now finish with the least admired company you previously chose “Citigroup”

You will now finish with the least admired company you previously chose “Citigroup” Make sure all the environments are included. Include a brief summary of each environment.

Then analyze each environment collectively by incorporating business theories learned. How are your individual environments working together? How are they working with other environments? Does one environment hinder another? What needs to be changed? Is each working together? Is an environment causing limitations on another? If so, which environments are involved and what are the limitations? What could you change to create synergy? Just remember this will always be a work in progress for any company because all of these environments are constantly changing. You have been working with each environment individually; now it’s time to integrate and synthesize. The focus for this week is integration. This should be no fewer than 5 pages, 5 references, and in APA format

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