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Your challenge for this course is to design a case-based learning solution for non-learning leaders wanting to understand learning theory.

Your challenge for this course is to design a case-based learning solution for non-learning leaders wanting to understand learning theory.

  • Intended Audience: any leader who wants to understand the role of learning in their organization and who does not have a background in learning theory or instructional design
  • Technology Level: the solution needs to have simple low-tech elements to it such that a leader without a computer could complete the course as easily as one with a computer.
  • Demonstrates design theory and practice: the solution must not only cover content about learning theory and design but must demonstrate effective application of learning theory and practice.
  • Tools: MS Word and PowerPoint will be sufficient for most designs and deliverables but should not be considered to be the only tools that may be used.
  • Outcomes: the desired level of competency for your audience is that they “can justify learning solutions for 
  • development of their people and their business.” You will need to break this down into more precise sub-components. Differences between how each person in class breaks down the outcomes will be part of what gives each person’s solution uniqueness.
  • Length: the solution’s length is not defined for you other than to say that, for leaders, the more concise a learning solution is, the more likely they are to attend and participate long enough to actually learn something.
  • Deliverables: the required deliverables will be a design document (example design template is provided in Module 1, but is not required) and examples of materials proposed in the design. You do not need to have the materials developed out to a final version. However, you need a sampling that gives a clear picture of how you would deploy this class. If your design includes a participant manual and an instructor manual, then you need a chapter of each. If your design includes slides for an instructor to use in delivering lesson content, then you need enough examples of those slides to be able to “see” and “experience” the learning. If you expect to provide a handout or job aid, then mock one up for submission.
  • Delivery Methods: Submit all elements of your design to the final project drop box in Module 8.

Psychology as an academic discipline can be used in various fields in matters related to the study of behavior and how to apply knowledge on the different human activities that go on in the entire life of a human being. By this, we can come into terms that psychology in its definition is the science of behavior and mental processes (Feldman & Garrison, 1993). The layout out of the course contained textbook reading, discussion, and weekly assignments. There was a mid-course review of first four weeks and a final exam to test the knowledge of the entire eight weeks. This provides the learners the opportunity to stop, start, and review content (Baldwin & Ching, 2017).The description of the course entailed different approaches and methods used in teaching where the instructor used the lecturer method, cooperative learning as well the group discussion came out successfully. The evaluation was done accordingly where random assessment test was given. Research and paperwork were issued and presented in time as per the instructor’s decision.Objectives which helped in the attainment of the class aim and goals were set by the instructor. The objectives entailed that the student is able to apply knowledge of lesson planning, have concrete knowledge of different ways of teaching. Be able to explain the importance of these cases of psychology and state different branches of psychology and their explanation accordingly. Also, gain knowledge of the different areas to employ psychology. Research work was also supposed to be done using the given reading on the course outline for further reading (DuBrin, 2003).In the class of psychology, much was learned and knowledge was acquired as per course objectives, assignments were issued and completed on time. In the review of the class, the core values learned cannot be forgotten for example the importance which dictated the reasons for studying psychology can be outlined as follows; one we have the acquiring of the targeted knowledge on a specific subject. Gaining specific knowledge will greatly help in the understanding of different fields and how to develop the recognition aspect of psychological functioning of various disciplines (Feldman & Garrison, 1993).Secondly, by learning psychology, you will get a clear understanding of you are as a human being. Understanding others was the third importance. The skills gained in the class can be used in relating with others as well as acquiring the relevant skills in the job market which the human resource managers will look in the management of the firm, in case of employment.Fourth, psychology can help in the growth of communication skills. Going through this class you should be able to present your argument with a lot of vigor without even realizing. these skills will be transferred directly to the office after the coursework. The fifth importance of this course is on the development of the ability to undertake own research work by having the ability to do an evaluation on the data and getting clear information. Lastly, the class instilled the criteria of critical thinking by doing research work and presenting the project with all the requirements such as citing and referencing the sources used (DuBrin, 2003).In the psychology class, we learned on different branches of psychology. they include the behavioral psychology which tried to tell us how different kind of behaviors are acquired and possessed by human beings. It was realized that the behaviors occur as a result of reasoning. Though this has of late has been challenged more by great scholars. In this branch, we have the classical conditioning as well as operant conditioning which teach on different behavior acquiring techniques (Spector, 2008). Biopsychology deals with the neural system on how we influence our feelings as well as our thinking .it deals with our brain. The instructor also notified and taught us about cognitive psychology which deals on the science of how we tend to think, learn and our remembrance ability. Counseling psychology which is gaining popularity due to the high number of clients experiencing mental problems as well as stress which are the main cause of depression. It helps in improvement of the social norms and in addressing several issues such as in marriage and working environment.The class was successful and as we wind the term, we can sit for our end examination with a higher expectation of getting the highest grade possible in this module. Here with this review is a summarized work plan.

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