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ASSIGNMENT HELP | Are the results of fans’ perceptions similar or different to your views? Explain.

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-Are the results of fans’ perceptions similar or different to your views? Explain.

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-What are your views on the legalized gambling recently ruled on by Supreme Courts allowing states to formulate their own laws?

-What were the detailed findings in this study related to the impact of sport wagering on fan experience? Discuss differences of gender also.

– Other than economic motives, what are other gambling motives were found and discussed in this study that may be impacted by increased legalization of sports gambling?

-What effect, if any, does gambling have on sports in general?

-What effect, if any, does gambling have on individuals including youth?

-Why would former athletes might have a propensity of pathological gambling behaviors?

– How does your perspectives/behaviors relate to the classifications studied (former athletes, current athletes, and non-athletes)?

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